A question we hear often from our clients is “What should I focus on to make my dealership more successful: Marketing, public relations or sales?”

In the past, marketing, PR and sales have been considered three entirely different categories.  But the reality is that your business will thrive better with all three elements working together and building off each other.

Once upon a time, sales controlled the flow of information in the buying process. That chapter is over. Control has been transferred to the customer. They don’t have to just trust the product. They can read reviews, look them up on social media, ask questions directly and hold companies accountable.

Because of this transfer of control, marketing and PR now play an equal role with sales in the new customer acquisition process. These two players have a large and ever-increasing influence on the sales pipeline and overall outcome.

So the question to ask is no longer which should I focus on: marketing, PR or sales? There’s a treasure trove of useful insights on how to “manage” customers today. And we’ll give you a hint: it’s not by beating the customer over the head with factual product information, sales pitches and promotions. Information, pitches and promotions are definitely part of the process, but ultimately we want to reach and converse with consumers in a way that feels authentic and meaningful for them.

Marketing: Communicate the value of your products and services to current and potential customers, investors — even employees. Marketing is your opportunity to connect and engage with the world. You’re great! Talk about yourself and build relationships.

Public Relations: Build awareness and credibility for your brand, products and services through third-party influencers and editorial coverage. Public relation activities often include press releases, writing pitches to send to journalists, expansion of business contacts, crisis public relation strategies, social media promotions and responses to negative online interactions and more.

Sales: The act of closing leads brought to your front door by your marketing and public relations efforts.

Fuse together marketing, public relations and sales to make you look good in areas such as communicating your brand promise, successfully engaging customers, and driving revenue and growth. We at DOM360 understand that social interaction drives other behaviors. We’re giving branding a heartbeat by developing and maintaining relationships. Let us help you create and nourish ongoing online dialogue with your customers, boost your reputation and increase your sales. Get started today by giving us a call at 864-248-0886, filling out our contact form or shooting us an email at contact@dom360.com.

By Jenny Hammond, DOM360 Social Media Coordinator

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