Should your business be on every social media site?

The short answer is no, you should not be on every social media site.

Many mistakenly think that promoting their brand and message on every social media network available will skyrocket their business’ growth and sales. But who has the time to maintain a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr, Vine, Flickr and more all on their own? Nobody — including your customers.

Having an account on every social network site just to have it will lead to dormant accounts, lackluster content and customers that aren’t being engaged.

The reality is that thanks to the power of social media, companies no longer drive brand messaging – customers do. Dormant accounts are dangerous. You want to have an active and relevant voice on any site you’re using, so that you can not only be proactive, but also reactive when engaging customers.

Depending on the nature of your business, there will be certain networks that are more relevant than others. Those are the ones you want to focus on. Direct your marketing efforts on the social networks that your customers are using. Your accounts shouldn’t feature tumbleweeds blowing across the screen. Your accounts should reflect professionalism and competence, making your customers feel good about choosing to do business with you.

Below we’ve provided a little cheat sheet on some of the most popular social networking sites:

Conversational/customer service networks: Twitter and Facebook

Image-based network: Instagram

Video networks: Instagram, Youtube, Vimeo

Business-focused networks: LinkedIn

SEO and authorship networks: Google+

We realize it’s not easy to handle a consistent presence on multiple networks or to even pick and choose which ones to join, which is why we’ve created DOMSocial. Designed to manage all top-eight social media sites on one dashboard, you can create your own posts with DOMSocial, or we’ll do it for you. You can even schedule posts in advance and post to multiple sites at once. You’ll never have to worry about being at a loss for ideas. Our content discovery feed ensures your social media posts are fresh, relevant and timely.

We’re giving branding a heartbeat by developing and maintaining relationships. Let us help you create and nourish ongoing online dialogue with your customers, boost your reputation and increase your sales. Get started today by giving us a call at 864-248-0886, filling out our contact form or shooting us an email at

By Jenny Hammond, DOM360 Social Media Coordinator

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