September 10, 2015

Stop Wasting SEM Dollars

It’s opening night for your restaurant. You’ve invested a lot of time and money to jump-start this dream. Big dollars were spent on advertising and now there’s a line out the door. But – there are problems. You forgot to print menus! The customers have no idea what food you’re offering. Also, there aren’t any servers to take these people’s orders or assist them. Your guests are complaining. “What a waste of time,” they’re saying. Now they’re leaving and will likely never come back after this bad experience. So, where was the mistake made?

You over-advertised. Basically, steps were skipped. Before you spent a lot of money on marketing your restaurant, money and time should have been allocated to accommodate the people and make them want to stay.

So, what does this restaurant analogy have to do with dealers?


In this industry, there’s a lot of emphasis on SEM. You need SEM! Spend more on SEM! They’re not wrong — they’re just maybe not seeing the big picture.

Search engine marketing is investing money to bid on keywords that will, in return, give your website a higher ranking and drive more traffic to your site. But drawing people to a website that has no calls to action or is hard to navigate will simply lead to a bad experience that will result in them never coming back.

An equally important aspect is having the right calls to action and buttons. An e-price button isn’t for every dealer, especially if you already advertise your lowest price. Simple, direct and compelling content and calls to action are key.

As an example: You spend money on a display ad for the 2016 Toyota Camry. The paid search leads your potential customers to your site that is absent of an e-price button or a test-drive button. Furthermore, there’s no filter options to allow the customer to see exactly how many 2016 Camry models you have on the lot currently. Or, perhaps your website is overwhelmed with buttons and tabs. Either way, the customer ends up confused and frustrated, so they leave.

Let’s talk conversion rate optimization (CRO).

CRO is designed to help you convert passive website visitors into active users that engage with your content and purchase your products. CRO is a broad field that touches on many areas, including behavioral economics, user experience, placement, colors, calls to action, psychology and more. Sound overwhelming? We can help.

We’ve determined which areas on a webpage lead to increased conversions and added fixed operations via heat mapping across the site, which can lead to more revenue.

DOM360 understands the importance of SEM, but we cover all the steps before we get there by identifying website problems. We’ll make sure your website supports your SEM goals by designing a proper online sales process for your dealership.

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By Jenny Hammond, DOM360 Social Media Coordinator

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