September 13, 2015

Optimizing Your SEM Strategy

Today we’re revealing why SEM is crucial to the success of your company in this digital world.

In our earlier article “Stop Wasting SEM Dollars,” we touched on the importance of having a solid website with compelling and simple calls to action before spending a ton on Search Engine Marketing.

“Stop Wasting SEM Dollars” began with an analogy of a restaurant opening, so we’ll continue with that.

It’s opening night for your restaurant. You’ve invested a lot of time and money to jump-start this dream. You hired an interior designer to create ambiance for your lovely space. And, of course, the menu is fantastic. But – there’s a problem. It’s opening night and customers are trickling in. Where is everyone? You put fliers all over town! So, where was the mistake made?

Get ready. I’m about to knock you off your dinosaur. If you want your business and your events to be discoverable, you have to be on the Internet. And you need to rank high on search engines.

The reality is that if you’re not showing up, your competitors most likely are, turning your potential clients into theirs with a single click.

We tell our clients that to earn the sale, you must earn the click. Having a strong presence on the Internet is crucial for all industries, especially automotive.

Everyone is utilizing search engines for, well, just about everything! From what to eat for dinner, to where to buy a car, what home remedies are best for the flu and where the nearest Redbox is located – people navigate the web primarily through search engines. You want those pay per click visitors.

According to Google, which currently handles about 85% of all online search engine traffic in the United States, 8 out of every 10 new car shoppers start their vehicle search online, with 70 percent checking prices online.

Having a strong digital advertising presence – whether text or display – bolsters your dealership’s reputation and brand by reinforcing your organic search results in the minds of potential customers, nearly doubling the likelihood that a given shopper will make a purchase from your dealership.

For this very reason, we offer our custom DOMAds service to our clients. DOMAds provides automotive Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign creation and management, encompassing the full spectrum of Internet marketing. Utilizing SEM services like Pay-Per-Click (PCC) marketing campaigns, mobile search ads, pre-roll videos, Google Display Network ads and retargeting ads will ensure that your brand message is consistent through all buying patterns, bringing you more web traffic, more leads and more sales.

Let us build you a PPC marketing campaign from square one. By allowing DOM360 to take the reins of your online marketing, you remove all of the guesswork and stress that comes from running your own automotive SEM campaigns.

Get started today by giving us a call at 1-800-984-4172, filling out our contact form or shooting us an email at

By Jenny Hammond, DOM360 Social Media Coordinator

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