Social media isn’t a fad or trend. It is an enduring reality of online existence that we are all having to accept. As a business owner or marketer, the amount of apps and social media sites available can be daunting. A common misconception is that to create value, we must have a login for every […]

The office water cooler – it’s where everything from politics to what you did over the weekend is discussed. It’s the place where you share your life with others and create connections. Now, the water cooler has gone virtual and brought us all together 24/7 — thanks to social media. Because consumers want to be […]

According to Forbes, there are eight million millennials in America alone. They represent about a fourth of the entire population, with $200 billion in annual spending. Millennials value authenticity, so they research before making purchases, thanks to the abundance of technology available at their fingertips. Additionally, millennials like to be actively engaged by the brands they’re […]

Since the inception of the smartphone, Americans have continued to grow more and more dependent on them, creating an ever-growing challenge for developers to meet needs on a smaller screen. Before the proliferation of the mobile browser, web designers had one primary challenge: maintaining the same look and feel of their websites across various desktop […]